About us

Want to get to know us and what we're all about at Albatros Adventure Marathons? Keep on reading...

What inspires you? What fuels your fire? What drives you to lace up your running shoes and hit the streets – even when it’s snowing, even when it’s dark, even when it’s early or late or you’re exhausted? For us, the answer is a deep love of getting outside and getting moving – and we like to do that by running in exhilarating places with top-notch running buddies.  

We are Albatros Adventure Marathons. We’re a small part of the larger, family-owned and -operated Albatros Travel, and we are driven by one goal: to unite our love of travel with our passion for running. We aim to create challenging races in places of exceptional natural beauty and historical significance, so it won’t be “just another marathon.” We pride ourselves in being able to secure UNESCO World Heritage sites for our runners, giving you the opportunity to experience these places like few ever do.

Albatros Adventure Marathons began with the founder of Albatros Travel, Søren Rasmussen. An avid runner himself, Søren was looking for a new challenge and his sights became set on the The Great Wall of China. In 1999, the first Great Wall Marathon was run. The combination of the tough run, the setting, and the wonderful participants have grown the race into a huge annual event. Two years later, inspired by the event’s success, the team launched the Polar Circle Marathon across the Greenland Ice Sheet. Shortly thereafter came the Big Five Marathon through a South African savannah, and the ball kept rolling. 

Today, Albatros Adventure Marathons operates 8 races. So, what exactly is an adventure marathon? We define it as a marathon with a twist; whether it’s intense heat between thousands of temples in Bagan, tackling 5164 stairs on The Great Wall, the distant peril of a lion crossing your path in the South African savannah or connecting with a lost civilization in the ancient ruins of Petra. For those who prefer a chilly setting, how about the thrill of running on a geological hotspot in Iceland, powered by the Greenlandic midnight sun, or on the rocks beside the Ilulissat Icefjord? If you’re looking to smash your PB, then sprinting down the Sierra Nevada is just for you. 

All of these races are homegrown creations. We find the location, develop the concept, and plan the logistics. We create attractive packages to bundle with our races to provide a full cultural experience. When the time comes, Albatros officials set up the race course, man the aid stations, and will be there to hand you your medal upon your triumphant finish. 

In addition to an unforgettable challenge, you will meet countless running aficionados from all over the world. After all, the type of person that will travel all the way to China to tackle a grueling race are the ones that we want to be friends with. And Albatros Adventure Marathons allows you to do just that – build friendships with similar souls! 


Meet the team behind Albatros Adventure Marathons. Left to right (back row): Evelin, Justin, Gitte, Lars, Thomas, Rune. Left to right (front row): Kiri, Olivia, Paulina, Anna, Bo.